Meet Ioli Xanthaki, from Greece

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SDJ: Hey Ioli! So, how long have you been living abroad?


Ioli:I have been out of Greece since 2008. I lived in Turin, Italy, then Birmingham, UK and, since August 2018 I live in Malaga, Spain.


SDJ: Wow, that is already a very long time. What brings you to Spain?


Ioli: The reason why I chose Spain is because it’s very similar to my home country with regard to culture, landscape, and lifestyle. The language was going to be easy for me as well as I already speak Italian. Also, to be honest, I was really looking forward to coming back to the Mediterranean area. Don’t get me wrong, I loved England but the cultural gap was quite big, especially in social life. The lack of daylight was not helping either…


SDJ: Yes, many people underline that it is great to live in Spain because of the weather, but are there any more reasons why you chose to live here?


Ioli: I was also looking for a job back home but the situation there is challenging. Because of the economic situation of course, but also because it’s hard to find a good work environment there that allows you to progress. Even though there’s so much talent there and life in Athens is fun, I was afraid I would suffer other aspects of the work relationship dynamics and didn’t feel ready to go back just yet. From my contacts with Spanish companies I saw that there’s quite a flexible mentality here and many opportunities for professional development. Also, in the IT field and especially at Rindus where I currently work, the ethics are very much people-centered and there’s an horizontal hierarchy based on trust which really inspires people to give their best. 


SDJ: So why Malaga?


Being Mediterranean myself, I more or less had an idea of what I would find in Malaga but I must say that this city absolutely surprised me! I found that everyone here in Malaga is genuinely welcoming, generous and nice to me and the pleasure of helping others was completely honest.


The city itself is very charming. It combines the coast and sunshine with the mountains and the snow, it is very artistic and cultural. It has a perfect balance between a city with all its resources and a small town with its simplicity and laid back rhythms. The surroundings are absolutely stunning and there’s so much to discover!


SDJ: What about your job. Tell us a little bit about it.


Ioli: I had been trying for years to get into the technology and digital community. I started as a traditional designer, working across various sectors like branding, advertising, retail or packaging. I saw the opportunity to join Rindus and work as a UX / UI Designer, so I applied. 

I can with no doubt say that it is the best job I’ve had so far. Apart from the fact that I actually do what I love, I am surrounded by wonderful, talented people with a real team spirit both at work and in life outside the office.