Meet Dawid, a Software Developer from Poland living in Málaga

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SDJ: Hello Dawid. Thanks for having some time to talk to us. So why don’t you tell us about your motivation to move to Spain?


Dawid: I quit my corporate job in Poland and decided to take my time and do something that can enrich me as a person. I decided to travel for 10 months and help others as a volunteer mostly with workaway service. After that time I realised that I want to live in another country and experience a different culture for longer. Spain was always on my list, so I found a job post, I applied and now simply I am here, in a beauty Malaga city.


SDJ: That sounds great. And how do you like your current job? Is it different than in Poland?


Dawid: So far, I love it. I work as a Java & Scala Developer at Rindus company. The company helped me a lot with the transition. The working culture is a bit different than in Poland. For example, we have an hour lunch break, kind of siesta. I like it because it breaks the day and give you a freedom to do whatever you want – having a proper lunch, going to the gym, having a sunny walk etc. Back in Poland we wanted to have shorter breaks to leave earlier but in Spain the day is longer so it doesn’t affect my lifestyle – there is still sun and many things to do outside when I leave – super long daylight simple fill me up with the energy.
I think this kind of great things you can find probably only here, only in the Andalucia!


SDJ: OK, that is good! How about your new city? How do you find Malaga?


Dawid: Malaga is situated in the South of Spain so the weather is almost always good. Another thing, that I already mentioned, is that there is such a long daylight! That is awesome! Event in the winter time, when in Poland we have just several hours of a cloudy day, the daylight is longer so I have the feeling that my life is simply longer. And because the weather is great, I have more time for doing lots of different outdoor activities or hobbies like playing music with my little Internacional music project SolYNaranjaS.
I think it’s priceless, my new outdoor life with countless sunny days!


SDJ: Seems like you really like Malaga. What about Spanish people in general? Do you get along?


In general Spanish people truthfully listen you – that make quick connection with the people, make you feel good and being a part of the society. The last very important thing that I realized is that Spanish have a very high level of empathy. Mixing all of those things with the Spanish temperament give you a little key, and it could be very first step for understanding the Spanish Culture which I fall in love – con el Corazón.

That is why we get along!

In my new life I love Spanish amazing energy and those sunny days – you are happier, and you have a desire to do more and more! It is such an amazing experience! I really appreciate it! Because of that muchas gracias!